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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SLIC 2.1 BIOS mod for Gigabyte H55M-UD2H

This is the F9 release BIOS. Tested successfully on a revision 1.0 board.

Disclaimer: BIOS flashing is, of course, a potentially risky operation. All the mods below have been flashed and tested successfully, but I am not responsible for anything that happens due to the use of these mods.

Board model: Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
BIOS type: Award
BIOS version: F9
Mod method: SSV3

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1337 tip: Alphabetize a String in Python with a One-liner

Let’s say you have a string of letters that needs to be alphabetized – a string of nucleotide bases, for example.

Original string: “TA”
New alphabetized string: “AT”

Code: newString = ‘’.join(sorted(myString))


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whip Cygwin’s vim into shape

If you’re a Windows user like me but do a lot of editing/development work on Linux, chances are you rely on the Cygwin environment and its host of software. One of the staples of Linux is the editor vim. Cygwin’s vim, however, is configured by default to run in old-school vi mode. That means no nice colors, no statusbar messages, and bad arrow-key/cursor support. A far cry from how vim works in modern Linux distros, that’s for sure.

The solution? Easy.

Create an blank .vimrc file in your Cygwin home directory. Better yet, enable autoindent by adding these four lines:

set smartindent
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set expandtab
set pastetoggle=<F2>

If you’re a heavy user of vim on Cygwin, I’m sure you will find this to be a godsend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

rdesktop 1.6.0 for Windows

This is a Cygwin-compiled build of the *nix rdesktop RDP client for Windows machines.
Sound support is included.
Depending on your needs, you may find this to be a useful alternative
to the standard built-in Windows client.

X server for Windows (e.g. Xming or Cygwin X11)
You must have the X server running prior to using rdesktop.

Additionally, the DISPLAY environment variable must be set.
See the included batch script (RDstart.cmd) for an example
of how to set this variable and start rdesktop.

rdesktop is a command-line program: for more information, please
see the original rdesktop website.