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Saturday, December 18, 2010

ffmpeg with WTV support

Ah, the joys of open-source software development. A patch that adds WTV (Windows Television, the recording format of Windows 7 Media Center) demux support to ffmpeg is now in a mature state, thanks to developer Peter Ross. Gone are the days of circuitous, roundabout conversions from WTV to DVR-MS to MPEG!

I’ve taken the liberty to compile a 32-bit Windows build of ffmpeg with the WTV patchset rolled in. Also included is a simple fix for the “non-monotone timestamps” issue that often comes up. x264/XviD/LAME MP3 libraries were NOT used for this build, as it’s intended for WTV conversion purposes only.

WTV files can be re-muxed into plain MPEG files as follows:

ffmpeg.exe –y –i inputFile.wtv –vcodec copy –acodec copy –f dvd outputFile.mpg

Windows Media Center users, enjoy!

Download link