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Friday, March 5, 2010

DesktopIce for Windows 7

DesktopIce is a Windows 7-only applet that "freezes"
your desktop and locks your computer. This is in contrast
to the standard blue background that appears when the computer
is locked.

You need administrator privileges to run DesktopIce since the desktop image
is saved to a system directory.
Run the program executable. An ice cube icon will appear in the taskbar.
To lock the computer through DesktopIce, right click the tray icon and click "Lock".

If you already have a custom background saved, using DesktopIce will not affect it.
Your custom background will be backed up to backgroundDefault-orig.jpg, and
put back in place once the screen is unlocked. This allows you to use the "regular"
locking mechanism (Windows Key + L) too.

DesktopIce can be downloaded at:

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