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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Mystery of the Beeping Motherboard

My new Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB hard drive finally arrived yesterday, and without delay I proceeded to pop it in. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother install – the drive’s power and SATA connectors were hooked up in the span of a few minutes. Powering on the machine, I start thinking about how I’m going to move my data over when BAM! the computer/motherboard suddenly starts emitting a buzzing/continuous beeping sound from the system speaker. I quickly shut the machine down. Thinking it might be the new hard drive, I fully disconnect it and restart the system. Bzzzzz….at this point I was getting pretty worried as the computer was now in its original configuration yet still making that incessant buzzing noise. My next thought is that the power supply might be slightly overloaded; I disconnect a couple of case fans and turn the rig back on. No luck. I then go into the BIOS and start fiddling around, thinking it might be some random setting that needs to be flipped. Only after visiting the “PC Health” section, which shows all the temperature readouts, do I see the issue. I had the CPU temperature warning enabled. The alarm was sounding for good reason - my processor was running in excess of 70C! Clearly, something was wrong with my CPU cooling. I’m running a Corsair H50, so that means the pump must not be working. I connect the pump to another 3-pin connector on my PSU, and upon rebooting the beeping magically stopped. It seems that the old connector that the pump was connected to must have died.

Moral of the story? If your computer starts buzzing non-stop, take a look at your CPU temps. Your computer is trying to tell you that it’s dying…

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