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Monday, March 24, 2008

calcGRADE 2008 - The Ultimate Personal Calculator Gradebook

calcGRADE 2008, a calculator gradebook software package I have been working on and off for the past few months, is now finished and has been submitted to (approval pending). Ever since I got a TI-89 Titanium I was quite impressed by its flexible programming options - BASIC, C, and 68k assembly.
This program represents my first major 68k calculator project. I am quite impressed with the power of the BASIC language on these calculators - although no match for machine code, it is a huge step up from TI-83+/84+ BASIC.

Anyway, calcGRADE 2008 aims to be, quite simply, the best personal gradebook you can get on a calculator. It includes a wide variety of features intended to make it as flexible and intuitive as possible:
  • full menu-driven GUI: add/edit/view/delete classes and assignments
  • unlimited number of classes and assignments
  • full alphanumeric naming for classes and assignments
  • weighted grades/categories
  • on-the-fly graphing of class data
  • nonvolatile editing (crashes won't destroy data)
  • safe error handling with informative error messages (no hard crashes!)
  • complete PDF user's manual
A couple of screenshots:

UPDATE: calcGRADE 2008 info and download @ ticalc!

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