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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Michigan Merit Examination (MME) Part 1 - The ACT Plus Writing

Well, Day 1 of the MME is over. Just about every junior was forced into taking that good ole' test known as the ACT Plus Writing. 3 hours of state-subsidized testing torture! Overall, it wasn't much different, easier, or harder than any other ACT:

English: Pretty straightforward, a few somewhat ambiguous questions, but all right

Math: somewhat harder than other ACT Math tests in my opinion: some of the trig problems used advanced concepts, but they basically gave you the solution/method on a silver platter :)

Reading: The passages were boring, as usual, but thankfully the questions were quite straightforward.

Science: Not really a matter of difficulty but more of a time-crunch test. There was one DNA question which required some advance knowledge (Hey! I thought you could be dumb as a rock and still ace the Science, as long as you could read!)

Essay: Finally, a topic I actually liked and could write about. The prompt seemed easier to approach than many of the other ACT essay prompts I've seen.

Overall, I think I did all right. I think that anyone who prepared a little for the test and knew what to expect would do just fine. But FOUR weeks for scores? Ridiculous!

Day 2 - WorkKeys Applied Mathematics and Reading + Michigan Mathematics. Then another day of Sci + Social Studies. I'll be glad when this week is over.

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