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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New: Portable Apps by Whitehat!

I've opened up a new project - My own Portable Applications (permanently linked under "My Projects" in the sidebar). The goal is to provide USB-ready, run-anywhere packages for common applications. This might sound awfully similar to PortableApps; while my goal is similar, I aim to provide closed-source proprietary apps as well as purely open-source ones. In fact, I will be creating some unique spins using Thinstall to pack even large, complex apps.

Currently, only one app is available - Mozilla Firefox I was getting a little irked by the slowness of the PortableApps version of Firefox, so I decided to create a Thinstall version to see if it would be faster. And I'm happy to say it is. After the first-time load, it seems much snappier. My custom build also has the latest Flash Player (9.0.124) pre-installed for added convenience. For more information, look at the readme inside the download.

All downloads will be provided in self-extracting EXE format. Over time I plan to add several more apps, including Firefox 3 and Google Earth. If you have any good ideas for portable software, drop me a line (must be freeware or shareware).

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