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Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Campus @ the University of Chicago

Well, this is my first post from the campus of the University of Chicago. I'm in a pretty new dorm (Max Palevsky is actually the newest residential building here) and the living conditions are SO much better than, say, Northwestern. The rooms are laid out in a suite arrangement - each door in the hall actually leads to two rooms A and B, 2x2 so 4 people in one "room". Each suite has bathrooms on both sides (one w/ shower and sink, the other w/ toilet and sink). There is central air, nice big closets and a nightstand, and more desk space for the two of us than we will possibly be using.

Now for the technical amenities. The entire dorm is wireless-equipped, but it's only 802.11b so it tops out at 11 Mbps. Being a speed freak I dug behind the desk and found the ethernet hardwire (only 10 MBps?!) I was required to get an ID and password (called the CNetID) which you need to use your computers on campus and get a email address; they appear to be using MAC filtering to do the dirty work of authentication.

Here's a speed test:

It'll do, but I was kinda expecting more from a private univ. By contrast, I can get 70 MBps downloads over at the U of Michigan...

P2P appz were explicitly forbidden, they read out loud some clause of the DMCA - that blows, but well, we'll see what happens with that. Not too surprising - it's a campus net, after all.

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