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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Copy a key with only a photo

Keys Can be Copied From Afar, Jacobs School Computer Scientists Show [Jacobs School of Engineering: News & Events]

This just in: computer science researchers at UCSD have released software that can be used to duplicate a key with only
a photo. Apparently, this whole setup works by measuring "key" (pardon the pun) points within the photo to come up
with exact dimensions of the key, which can then be used to create a duplicate. Sounds completely impossible and sci-fi,
but that aside, this has some pretty big implications. Like, don't post pictures of your house/carkeys online (at least without
blurring 'em first.)
Needless to say, this capability brings up some interesting new possibilities...the locksmith's job just got a whole lot easier.
Of course, one must also consider the potential liabilities, for example house theft and burglary!

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