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Monday, October 20, 2008

NVIDIA releases GeForce 9300/9400 IGPs

DailyTech - NVIDIA Officially Unveils GeForce 9400 and 9300 Integrated GPUs

Not long after the launch of the mobile counterparts in Apple's new MacBook line, NVIDIA has officially unveiled their GeForce 9300/9400 desktop motherboard chipsets for Intel LGA775 processors. These new boards will be available from the typical slew of mobo makers. The new GPUs have 16 cores and are fully equipped to handle H.264, VC-1, and MPEG2 decoding as well as uncompressed 8-channel LPCM - features highly coveted in the home theater PC (HTPC) arena. The new chips are 65nm and should be more powerful yet power-efficient than the previous AMD-based GeForce 8200/8300 generation. Finally, Intel users now have a media/theater platform that can be viable - the new 9300/9400 series is a significant step compared to Intel's flawed G35/G45 boards and nVidia's aging nForce 610/630 boards. For those (heaven forbid) extreme budget gamers, the 9400 actually leads the pack in games like ET: Quake Wars and Age of Conan, when compared to AMD's highly competitive 780G/790GX IGP solution.

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