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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FREE Microsoft Security Essentials Now Available

Wow, this is a first for Microsoft – releasing a competitive AV/antispyware package for FREE (unlike that OneCare BS that came before). MSE (codename Morro) is intended as a replacement for both OneCare and Windows Defender (it appears that the latter is actively disabled during MSE installation). The new user interface is designed to be lean and mean, which is suitable for even less tech-savvy users. MSE uses Microsoft Update for signature updating and is West Coast Labs Checkmark certified.  Time will tell how good this new kid on the block really is, but my gut feeling is that this will be an excellent competitor in the free AV market, particularly compared to AVG and Avast.

My personal advice, of course, is that no antivirus/security program – no matter how effective – is a replacement for basic common sense and smart computing practices.

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