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Friday, September 4, 2009

Z-Alarm 2 is Released

The original Z-Alarm was, admittedly, a little on the rough side. While it worked reliably and did its job, it looked ugly and gray like a misshapen piece of urban sculpture. Z-Alarm 2 aims to fix all that. In fact, it was designed around one goal: to fully emulate a traditional alarm clock.


As you can see, the GUI was completely rewritten. All user controls are grouped at the bottom of the screen. A custom LED-style fonts goes nicely with the idea of an old-fashioned alarm clock.

Most notably in this release is the expanded music support. As long as a DirectShow codec is installed for a particular audio format, Z-Alarm 2 can use it. For example, in the above screenshot, I’m playing an AAC/m4a file.

More information, instructions, technical details, and credits can be found in the readme. I’ll leave you to try it out for yourself:

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