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Thursday, January 8, 2009

AMD Phenom II Announced, Benchmarks Out

AMD’s new Phenom II processor line has been released, and first out of the gate are the 920 and 940 chips, running at 2.8GHz and 3.0GHz.

Some key points to keep in mind…

  • it’s 45nm
  • not a new architecture, but basically an improved die-shrunk of the original Phenom
  • backward-compatible thanks to Socket AM2
  • somewhat slower performance than the Core i7 clock-for-clock, but WAAAYYY cheaper (current pricing is $236 for the 920 and $278 for the 940)
  • Uses the same basic chip layout as a Core i7: four private L2 caches but one big L3 cache
  • can compete with middle- to high-end Core 2 chips
  • overclocks well, 3.8GHz not uncommon in the reviews
  • currently uses DDR2, but is fully DDR3-ready; AMD will switch to the new AM3 socket when the time comes
  • TDP of 125W (compare to the original Phenom’s max TDP of 140W)

Most importantly: AMD is now competitive with Intel again!

From DailyTech, see this list of reviews for much more info.

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