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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bill to Delay DTV Switch Fails in U.S. House

DailyTech - Bill to Delay DTV Switch Fails in U.S. House

If there’s one issue that I have to disagree with the Obama administration on, it’s their push to delay the DTV switch to June instead of February. The new president has a strong reputation for being tech-savvy – so why delay this? Seriously, if anyone still hasn’t gotten their head out of the sand about digital television, it’s their OWN FAULT. For god sakes, get off your lazy ass and go buy a damn converter box! Never mind that the coupon program is broken and out of funds. The point is, citizens have no excuse not to be ready. Delaying the switch will only cost more money. Broadcasters and media networks are poised to make the switch in February, and postponing the switch date will only jack things up. PBS, for example, will have to sing to the tune of $22 million for going along with this crazy retrograde scheme. For once, the Republicans have done the right thing in opposing any further delay.

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