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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

iTunes ditches DRM (finally!)

iTunes going primarily DRM free? (Update: yes, it is! 3G downloads, too) - Engadget

It's about time that the record labels and the music stores realize that DRM doesn't protect sales - it HURTS them. DRM is nothing more than a draconian method to insult customers. Amazon has already caught on with its DRM-free MP3 store, and now Apple has announced it'll ditch DRM too, during the ongoing Macworld expo. The entire iTunes catalog should be liberated by the end of the quarter. Finally, we actually get what we pay for (imagine that!) Unfortunately, though, Apple is making sure to remilk its current customers with existing DRM'ed songs by offering them a chance to "upgrade" their collection to the new "iTunes Plus" DRM-free .m4a format.

I think I'll continue sticking with free-free-free BitTorrent, thank you very much.

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