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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New 3-Column Layout!

Given that I run my usual monitor at 1400x1050 resolution and that widescreen displays seem to be an incurable fad these days, my old Blogger-provided “Denim” two-column template was getting to be more and more inadequate in terms of screen size. The solution? Turn it into a three-column layout – a form factor that is becoming more and more popular. At first, I tried taking the existing code and trying to hack in another column, but due to my shoddy HTML skills that became a big flop. Miraculously, a Google search yielded immediate results – someone had written an entire tutorial on adding another column, with my old template as the example! This person was kind enough to post a pre-configured version of the modded three-column “Denim Stretch” theme, which is now running my blog in all its glory. As you can see, the new layout utilizes the screen much more efficiently, and I add more gaudy widgets to the TWO sidebars (yippee!)

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